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India Ream Ratings! Empty India Ream Ratings!

Post  Adam_Admin on Sat Jan 19, 2008 6:51 am


V Sehwag 8-10 --- showed positive intent whilst batting and bowling and set the tone for India.
W Jaffer 4-10 --- didn't have any impact on the game.
R Dravid 9-10 --- battled well 1st innings, good catches at slip.
S Tendulkar 8-10 --- good knock 1st innings, few good slip catches.
S Ganguly 5-10 --- didnt impact on the game.
VVS Laxman 9-10 ---battled 2nd innings, good catches at slip.
MS Dhoni 7-10 --- fought in 1st innings, great keeping.
I Pathan 9-10 --- batted and bowled well, good return for him.
A Kumble 9-10 --- led the troops well, chipped in with some big wkts.
RP Singh 8-10 ---caused problems with the ball and bat.
I Sharma 9-10 --- great bowling display, troubling Ponting throughout.

Give your ratings /10 and comment on these


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India Ream Ratings! Empty Re: India Ream Ratings!

Post  Treeny on Sat Jan 19, 2008 11:02 am

Jaffer - 1/10 - No impact on the game at all
Sewhag - 8/10 - Showed intent but failed to build on his score, turned the game around with the ball though.
Dravid - 8/10 - Very good batting peformance in the first innings
Tendulkar - 7/10 - Batted very good in typical Tendulkar fashion
Ganguly - 0/10 - 9 runs in the match says it all
Laxman - 8/10 - Possibly the most vital innings of the match, batting well with the tail
Dhoni - 8/10 - Showed great quality behind the stumps and made 8 dissmisals
Pathan 8.5/10 - Great Allround peformance
Kumble - 6.5 - Did okay, to his standards
Singh - 8.5/10 - Vital runs and good bowling peformance
Sharma - 5/10 - Average bowling peformance
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